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Yassin M. El Bourini

Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management Expert

Yassin M. El Bourini
46 years old
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
Revenue assurance and fraud management professional with varied and unique background in finance and technology combined with a 20 years of experience in the field of telecommunication and online payment processing in specific to Fraud management, Revenue Assurance, Credit & Collections

Broad strategic and operational management skills joint international multicultural experience gained through moving across several operations and industries nationally and internationally field of revenue assurance, fraud management, finance and technology.
  • Infuse, setup the fraud and revenue assurance function within TEdata organization with the aim of gaining visibility over revenue streams and exposures.
  • Overseeing the Fraud and revenue assurance prevention management activities ensuring optimal security of company’s revenues and optimal prevention of fraud and leakages impacting company’s financials.
  • Implementation of the operational risk framework and processes for defining, assessing, measuring, monitoring and reporting operational risks for the various business and support areas
  • Establishing the enterprise standards and Fraud policies and procedures and assure adherence to those standards.
  • Perform quality assurance testing on key processes and systems changes which impact recording, processing and billing of revenue producing events.
  • Provide leadership, direction and consultation in the avoidance of financial loss and prevention of fraud throughout the company.
  • Proactively improving processes that impact the optimization of our revenue streams
  • The development and implementation of an end to end controls methodology for all products and services relating to data revenue streams.
Detailed Description
  • TE Data was established in 2001 by Telecom Egypt to function as its data communications and Internet arm and is considered as the internet Service Provider market leader in Egypt with a DSL market share of more than 70%.

    Division manager for financial risk management functions managing the Fraud Management & Revenue Assurance functions.
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  • Structure the Financial Risk Management functions within the finance department including Revenue Assurance, Fraud, Credit, and Collections in order to support the operations growth phase and long term expansion plans.
  • Managing and leading a high performing team of 3 Sr. Managers along with their Subordinates.
  • Ensure the integrity of all revenue stream including Post Paid, Pre Paid, Roaming and Interconnect.
  • Product / Services Assurance including Pre & post launch assessments.
  • Drive and challenge business units on their assumptions of how they will successfully execute their plans.
  • Processes and systems monitoring to ensure integrity in reported results and resolving exceptions.
  • Leading Major Financial Assurance Projects / activities as billing migration, RA and international grey routing system implementation.
  • Develop new reporting models and metrics to improve accuracy, timeliness and efficiency of delivering revenues reporting and management dashboard.
  • Lead operations reviews (weekly, monthly) with cross-functional stakeholders including executives.
  • Undertaking the development formalization of all the financial risk management functions from scratch
Detailed Description
  • My role as VP for Fraud management, Revenue Assurance, Credit and collection department is to establish the all related functions operational frame work across Etisalat Afghanistan operational departments in order to improve profitability through gaining visibility overall revenue streams and consequently reducing fraud losses, revenue leakage, costs while increasing recoveries ensuring maximum margin generation.
    In addition to driving continues process improvements across different department and functions providing assurance for products, services and different revenue streams.
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  • Structure the Risk Management function within the customer care department to support the operations growth phase.
  • Organizes the division to be the most effective and when implementing changes to benefit customers while maintaining business Interests.
  • Managing all operational activities for the consumer risk management under customer care department including: Credit & collection, Fraud Management and Activation.
  • Serves as the single point of customer contact for all customer billing and collection activities.
  • Managing all classes of customers including individual consumer, Commercial & corporate in the areas of customer billing, complain handling and collections.
  • Define and implement the corporate and the consumer credit and collection treatment across the customer life cycle. Setting and achieving the departmental KPI's while maintaining customer satisfaction and customer touch point.
  • Develop and implement plans to meet business objectives and strategic goals in alignment with the company overall strategy.
  • Develop and implement procedures, processes, and controls to improve the department quality and efficiency.
  • Manage key relationships between customer care and other departments within the organization.
  • Report departmental performance indicators to Executives.
  • Support, motivate, and inspire staff creating healthy work environment.
Detailed Description
  • Joined Etisalat Misr as a Senior Manager managing the risk consumer risk management function within Customer Service Department including Fraud, Credit, Collections and Activation for both the individual and the corporate market segments directly reporting to the Customer Care Director responsible for all of the operational activities of the risk management teams within Etisalat providing direction, setting targets, goals as well as reporting.
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  • Responsible for defining measurable team objectives, based on the corporate RA goals set by Group RA function.
  • Establishment of processes and controls frame work to anticipation possible revenue risks and ensure adequate documentation of RA control framework.
  • Providing the resources, guidance and other support required by the RA team to achieve the assigned objectives.
  • Establish suite of measures to be able to assess maturity and capability of the RA function and the controls in place for visibility, Enhancements and tuning purposes.
  • Providing regular and accurate reports on RA metrics, KPIs and other agreed goals to management within the operating business and to Mobinil shareholders.
  • Provide the local senior management (and shareholders) with visibility of RA strategy in operation and financial reporting.
  • Setting RA steering committee to provide governance of RA priority activities and action plans, and support a sustainable strategic approach to RA.
  • I established visibility of revenue flows and appropriate basic monitoring for the detection and response to revenue incidents and alerts. (More than EGP 2M of revenue leakages were identified and made visible during the Q1 2007)
  • Finalizing the deployment of the RAID revenue assurance system implemented by WeDo in 4 month, drawing on lessons learnt from other deployments within the FT group and my previous experience with the Fraud Management System Implementation.
  • Achieve the optimal operational value from existing RA tools and solutions represented in the TCG Test Drive and Upgrades)
Detailed Description
  • Participated in the RA system project planning and implementation as well the local RA strategy formulation with the Group RA functions supporting wider organizational initiatives in the RA and Fraud area
  • Reporting Directly to Finance Vice President responsible for all of the operational activities of the local RA team within Mobinil, providing leadership, direction, setting targets and goals, as well as reporting results to senior management and the wider organization
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  • Structure the Fraud Management function within the customer care department to support the operations growth phase.
  • Undertaken a full revenue cycle fraud risk assessment and review starting from the product development with the aim of gaining visibility over the current and potential risk exposures so as to develop the needed control mechanisms for fraud monitoring detection and prevention.
  • Development of the fraud policies, procedures and process across the company.
  • Protecting the business from fraud exposure in terms of lost revenue in a cost effective manner to the extent that fraud becomes unprofitable to would be perpetrators, whilst ensuring the fraud controls do not restrict business revenue.
  • Working directly with marketing Sales and Product house in the process of reviewing new services products and marketing promotions for any type of fraud risk or overall risk to the company that the products or promotions may cause. Determining if any illegal activity could be conducted (externally / internally) and the best defense mechanism that must be undertaken to avoid any risk related.
  • • Providing a full range of support in relation to fraud surveillance and monitoring to identify new variances for fraud as they occur. Initiating and conducting complete investigations of all potential fraud forwarding the results of the investigation to the Legal Department, Human Resources or Law Enforcement.
  • Provide confidence to the business that all fraud is made visible and under control protecting the bottom line from the cost of fraud thorough:
    - Identifying fraud risks and raising the level of awareness.
    - Evaluating, developing and aiding the delivery of fraud prevention solutions
    - Introducing appropriate controls and measures to minimize the risks of fraud.
Detailed Description
  • Working in the Customer Service Department as a Fraud Manager reporting directly to the Customer Service Director, Responsible for protecting the company Airtime and revenue against fraud loss, destruction, theft, unauthorized use and complying with the company internal process and procedures And for providing a full range of support in relation to fraud surveillance, monitoring and investigation, in order to maintain protection of financial revenues and asset loss, which in turn minimizes the rate of bad debts as result of fraud.
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  • Provide assessments as to the credit worthiness of current and prospect customers and consequently apply the appropriate credit and collection strategies.
  • Monitor existing customers' payment patterns and overall financial conditions to determine possible exposure and align it with the company targets.
  • Provide the needed support to Align Mobinil credit strategy with commercial offers and different products introduced to the market
  • Interpret financial and specific industry trends and customer payment histories.
  • Recommend accounts/amounts that should be sent to outhouse collection, Sent to legal and written Off to Bad Debts
Detailed Description
  • I was working at this time in the Customer Service Department as Credit & Collection Supervisor reporting to the Customer Operations & Risk Management Senior Manager
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  • Working in the IT department involved in smooth day to day operation, system management, capacity planning, and technical support, Development in addition to setting up the environment for the new member banks as well as testing and certifications done during the implementation phase.
  • Responsible for developing the ATM's operations and handling all scenarios for the NCR and IBM automated teller machines for our own testing and certification environment.
  • Responsible for the installation and the configuration for a Tandem Himalaya k1002 Non Stop machine in addition to the Base24 used as an ATM driver.
  • Responsible for Y2K planning, implementation, testing, and certification for year 2000 NSK and Base24 modifications.
  • Planning and implementation for all the modifications, customization and maintenance for the product as well as periodical upgrades. Besides I was assigned to train and support the end users and write all related documentation.
Company Description
EBC is an Egyptian bank's owned organization, established to provide high technology services for the financial sector in Egypt, Aiming to establish an infrastructure for Egyptian banks to provide shared services between banks in Egypt by establishing a central Switch and network connection to the member banks, and then launching services one at a time. EBC is the Major Electronic Fund Transfer Switch (EFT Switch) in Egypt, interconnecting all Banks (24-member bank).
  • Working as a part time Consultant / Trainer providing and facilitating Fraud, Revenue Assurance, Credit and Collection training and consultancy to telecom mobile, fixed and Data operators in the Middle East
  • Delivering a range of services as in the field of Revenue assurance and fraud management consultancy and training in specific to:
    - Performing revenue assurance & Fraud GAP analysis, health checks and maturity assessments
    - Provide guidance to operators through the end-to-end implementation of RA & Fraud programs and action plans.
    - Developing, tailoring and delivering Revenue assurance, Fraud management, Credit & collection training (introductory, intermediate and advanced)
  • Worked on different consultancies and training assignments with the major mobile and fixed line operator in the middle east :
    - Saudi Telecom Company STC
    - Zain KSA
    - Umniah Jordan
    - PALTEL
    - Jawwal
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